Thanks to the connections I made at the PA Academy I got my first job in the industry! – Alex

I just wanted to send an official thank you for this past weekend. As a young filmmaker trying to navigate the film industry, your boot camp gave me the most realistic idea of a set that I’ve ever gotten. Thanks to you I’ve fallen even more in love with film and developed some pretty strong calf muscles in the process! – Giovanni

The class was a lot of fun and extremely informative! I find being on set is a lot of hard work and always long hours but I genuinely enjoy myself every single time. The PA Academy was an invaluable stepping stone for me so, a million times, thank you. – Krystle

Thank you for the structure of today’s PA Academy, it affirmed for me that this is not my path. The service you are providing those who are passionate about this industry, and the industry itself, is very valuable. Thank you. – Christy

I met you this past weekend at the PA Academy and it was an eye opener. I have revamped my résumé, per your guidance yesterday. I am one of the older students, age 36, with no film experience. I greatly appreciate your help. Thank you very much for your time. – Marguerite

I would just like to thank you again for providing such a beneficial and legitimate workshop amongst all the crap ones out there. And thank you for doing it during your free time as well. I look forward to working with you in the future! – Cassie

I just want to say thank you for a very informative and exciting PA Academy. I really appreciate you and your guests for giving me a better understanding about being a PA and how the film production process works. Your candor and honestly made me laugh and help me forget about the discomfort in my knees (from all that standing). – Nathan

Thank you for such an educational weekend. Your insight along with the other speakers made the two days fly by and made me get so pumped to work in this industry. I am a recent film school graduate and I think I learned more about the industry at the PA Academy than I did in school. 🙂 I wish you the best of luck on your future projects and I am a firm believer in what you sow, you reap. Thank you for investing in us. I know there are many of us that will be stronger filmmakers because of your investment. – Tess

It’s amazing to have someone take the time to explain all the things that people are way too busy to teach on set. I’ve absolutely been the PA who has been dumb and confused, and it made me hate the job. But the workshop made me feel much more capable, and ready to handle the mistakes I’m definitely still going to make (but hopefully less often).  – Kari

Thank you so much for running the PA Academy this past weekend. I learned a whole lot and really look forward to learning the business more in depth. The instructors you brought in were full of words of wisdom to go by. Thanks for opening the door for us newbies. I appreciate your candor and humor, you rock! Thanks for your time! – Marge

Linda Burns’ PA Academy gave me an internship opportunity that developed my career with the camera department as a consistently working 2nd AC. The workshop is educational and serves to prepare individuals to work on set, whether it is the film, television, or commercial industry. I recommend Linda’s courses to anyone wanting to expand their interests in the field of production. – Chad

I’ve worked four jobs now in the office and on-set and I am IN LOVE with PA work and production life in general. Every time I set foot on-set PA’s with more experience than me are asking questions and looking to me to take the lead because of all the knowledge and materials you gave us! Everyone on the crew is always shocked at how green I actually am. I cannot thank you enough for this head start, I finally found my niche in this world and can’t wait to see where I end up! – Lauren

I attended your PA academy this year and with the knowledge I have gained, I am continuing to actively seek work and volunteer experience in the industry. Though I am relatively new, I am good at what I do and dedicated to learning more and continuing to improve. Thank you sincerely for your time! - Anissa

Thank you for the amazing class you provided. In just two days time, I felt as though I learned so much and obtained some great transferable skills that will not only carry me through life on set put in personal aspects of my life as well. I want to especially thank you for the advice you confided to me about becoming a makeup artist on set. I admire your strengths, smarts and dedication to your craft. Finally,  thank you for being a bad-ass role model (pardon my french) for women like me to look up to, in such a male dominated industry. – Kriste

I took your PA academy course back in 2014. I just wanted to thank you personally for the opportunities that you provide to your students that finish the course. I just wrapped recently on the feature *Office Christmas Party* in Atlanta as a director’s assistant, which I had applied for right out of college. If not for your program and Facebook group posts I would not have had the opportunity to network and develop lasting friendships with some of the most creative people in the industry. I just wanted you to know that there are some of us who have benefited greatly from your program and Facebook notices, and for that I wanted to express my most sincere appreciation. Thank you! – Blake

I just wanted to let you know I learned a lot and I now have a whole new perspective of the production world. Being in school, I’m going to do my best to get as much volunteering work as I can on weekends and breaks so that I’ll be ready to start full time once I graduate. I know I have so much more to learn but I really can’t wait. No reply is necessary but I felt the need to let you know and thank you. Thanks for a great weekend. – Robie

I learned SO MUCH. You really clarified a lot of things and the class was a wonderful reality check and learning experience. You really know your stuff and are a great resource and asset to the ATL film community. It’s nice to have someone who genuinely cares so much. I can tell you are authentic and I learned some great things from you that will carry over into other areas of my life.  Thank you again! – Emilie

I have never attended a workshop that was more thorough and comprehensive. Your sharing of your knowledge and experience was invaluable. Each speaker brought another facet of the movie business into focus. I learned more about the industry and movie making process in two days than in years of research. You are an excellent teacher and I thank you. You made a valiant effort to discourage people from pursuing work in the business who aren’t cut out for it and thinned the herd with stories of long days, hard work and stressful moments. I have taken the time to write this not because I think it will help me get a job but by way of acknowledging what an extraordinary experience PA Academy was. – Kim

The PA Academy was a good starting point for me. It gave me a roadmap with the guidance of industry folks sharing their expertise in different departments. The accessibility to resources and job leads was/is great! I don’t think I would have gotten that same exposure under one roof anywhere else. What I appreciated the most was the no-nonsense and realistic approach to the nature of this industry. Linda Burns and her panel of industry experts gave us what we needed to hear, not what we wanted to hear. There are many people who enter the industry for the wrong reasons. The PA Academy does not promise you a job nor a glamorous tv/film life, but it gives you a sense of direction and it’s up to you to make it happen. – Marge

The things you taught in the PA class really do apply. When an actor asked for a highlighter I was able to tell her to reach in the front pocket of my photog jacket and get one. When a member of the sound team needed a carabiner I had one. Now granted this was only the 48 Hour Film challenge but the team was large and had a LOT of experience. I’m still not sure where I fit (other than writing) but I had no problem doing the assigned work. – Marti

I never thought I’d thank someone for making me stand 12 hours a day in Georgia heat in a room without A/C, but I was wrong. I am so grateful for everything I learned at the PA Academy. Thank you for giving me realistic unfiltered expectations of the life of a PA. I went in without expectations and came out with the confirmation that crew life is the life for me. Some of my friends think I’m crazy for wanting to leave my “good job” with benefits for a life of uncertainty, but I don’t see it that way. I was built for this and I’m looking forward to the next leg of my journey. – Felisha

Thanks for all of the time and effort you put into the event. It really means a lot, not even just for those of us taking it but for the industry as a whole. You take the time out of your schedule (and for no personal monetary gain even!) to teach us to shut up, listen, and learn so that we can contribute to the success of the projects we work on. I just truly appreciated you taking us under your badass wings so we can learn and kickass. Yes, the standing hurt and some people might have had dreams dashed but sometimes what we really need is a good kick in the teeth to shape up and work. So thanks! I hope I can go on and make you proud! – Noelia

The PAs from Linda for Star Trek: First Frontier are the most amazing PAs I’ve EVER had on set. – Producer

Thanks Linda. A few PA Academy interns have already started and are doing great. I have a few starting in mid-September that I am excited about as well. Everyone so far has been very hard working, I have even turned a couple into paid positions. Thank you so much. – Producer

Linda, you’ve got some excellent people there. David and Luke were both incredibly helpful on set and off. I’d use both of them again in a heartbeat and recommend them to others. Luke was particularly helpful lending a hand with equipment returns and helping to keep one of our skeleton units on schedule. David was also always right there to help. Neither were ever sitting around or on their phones so kudos to your training! – Producer

The DP and I were having a conversation at wrap about how great Cate and Vince were throughout the shoot, when my production designer mentioned how helpful Marge was and to ‘thank Linda.’ Ryan was very helpful as well. Really good group all around. We got off to a pretty rocky start and it was a long shoot (on a music video, you say?) but they kept on trucking with a smile. Thanks for sending them our way! – Producer

I just wanted to thank you for getting us these PAs last minute, and to also let you know each and everyone of them was amazing. They all worked really hard and were never standing around wasting time, they would always find someone and ask for something to do. I just wanted to help them out because they really helped us out on this one. And to thank you because you also really helped us out by getting us these PAs on such short notice. – Producer

I really wanted to thank you for sending me some really great interns so far. I have to name a couple that have just been absolutely wonderful. Charles Q, Vince C, David K, Ceci L, and Lisa R. They have really stood out and taken charge in our office. I am really impressed with these five people. David will actually be moving into our A/B Camera Assistant position, Vince is going to be a Director’s Assistant, Charles is going to be a Director’s Assistant, I believe Ceci is going to be handling extra’s casting for us and Lisa has done an amazing job with everything I have asked her to do and will be moving into a position as our Location’s Manager’s Assistant all them will be handling these positions on our upcoming film we are getting ready to shoot in about 4 weeks. I have also given your contact information to our new Production Designer as a great resource for some great help. We look forward to working with you in the future and thanks for all the hard work you have put in to turn out some amazing people. – Producer