Producer Linda Burns runs the PA Academy with the volunteer assistance of Georgia’s best DGA ADs, office and set PAs, and crew working full-time in the industry. Former PA Academy attendees return to the workshop to share how they got their start, what’s been successful for them, and how the PA Academy helped jump start their careers. Additionally, Linda invites crew members from other departments to speak to the group, to show the range of job opportunities the film business offers, and the different paths people take to successful careers in the industry.

Not everyone will succeed at being a PA or go on to AD work, so understanding each job in the business and how to transition into another department is crucial. Each workshop offers a fresh and unique perspective to the students, with an ever-changing group of instructors and guest speakers. These volunteers offer mentorship and advice outside of the classroom when possible.

Linda strongly advocates for opportunities for her students to gain experience, build a resume and contacts database, and start their careers working on quality productions. She lobbies local production companies to offer internships to graduates, indie film crews to round out their no/low budget productions with folks looking for experience, and former instructors and industry members to provide paid entry level positions to students ready for their “big break”.

If interested in being a volunteer instructor or offering opportunities to graduates, contact Linda Burns at