PC&E strongly supports the PA Academy, and has since the beginning, by providing the use of their sound stage including the basic G&E stage package, and offering participants a complete tour of their G&E warehouse.

Attendees immediately get their hands dirty setting up video village numerous times through the weekend – learning how to correctly and efficiently set up and take down pop-up tents, tables and chairs, and director’s chairs. They’re introduced to equipment that PAs need to recognize, interact with, and properly call for on set, such as C-stands, apples boxes, stingers, tape and gels, and other basic equipment.

PC&E is a one stop shop for those looking to film in Georgia, offering grip and electric rentals, camera rentals, sound stages, and sales and expendables.

Set Supplies

Set Supplies furnishes the PA Academy students with walkies talkies. Participants learn how to properly build, sign in and out, and use walkies. They learn protocol and terminology, and spend the day getting used to the weight and feel of wearing a walkie with a headset or earpiece.

Set Supplies provides production supplies for all your on location needs, offering empty, shelved, or packaged 1 ton box trucks for production, the art department, and camera. Additional rentals include walkies talkies and internet hot spots, layout board and MU mirrors, tables and chairs, pop-up tents and portable generators, traffic cones and safety vests, directors chairs and magliners, camera and craft service carts, wardrobe steamers and rolling racks, road signs and barricades, expendables and more.

Fresh World Cuisine

Fresh World Cuisine is Atlanta’s premier commercial catering company, providing healthy and delicious food to the industry since 2002, when Producer Linda Burns first hired Foodz to Go sandwich shop owner Vando Davis to feed a small film crew on an independent movie called Petunia. Vando’s incredible ability to cook food Linda hated and make her love it soon had her hiring them for every commercial gig she worked. Linda’s secret weapon for client happiness couldn’t be kept secret for long, and soon Sheri and Vando Davis became the hottest caterers in town. Eventually Sheri sold her restaurant Dish in Virginia Highland, and they started Fresh World Cuisine for all your catering needs.



Looking to sponsor the PA Academy? Numerous options are available from sponsoring student registration fees to providing the budget for craft service or catering to paying for walkie talkie training. For more information on opportunities tailored to meet your needs, contact Linda Burns at

– Sponsor a student – $150 – 5 available
– Sponsor hot breakfast – $250/day – 2 available – Sat and/or Sun
– Sponsor craft services – $350/day – 2 available – Sat and/or Sun
– Sponsor walkie training – $500/day – 2 available – Sat and/or Sun

Sponsors receive mentions in GPP meetings before and after the PA Academy, which are included on the web stream.
Sponsors receive recognition via signage during the event as well as mentions directly in the workshop.
Sponsors receive tweets, FB mentions and Instagram photos via ATLFF, GPP, Linda Burns, and Plexus Pictures before and after the PA Academy, as well as from students throughout the weekend who tweet, FB, and Instagram their thanks.